Order Tracking

  • After placing an order, you will receive a product information confirmation e-mail;
  • After the payment, you will receive a successful payment confirmation e-mail;
  • After the order is shipped, you will receive a shipping information confirmation e-mail, contains tracking number, you can check the shipping state with the tracking number in
Shipping Fee

         Free delivery on all items
Shipping Period
         When your item is ready, we proceed the export declaration which takes 1~2 business days.
         Once this stage is completed, the tracking number will be sent you by email within 24 hours.
         Then, you can follow up your shipping status on the courier website from next day.
         Please find out shipping period for each region below :
  • Shipping to Asia: 1~3 business days
  • Shipping to Oceania : 2~4 business days
  • Shipping to Europe : 3~5 business days
         Shipping to North America : 5~7 business days
        *Shipping duration may vary depending on circumstances of carrier and public holidays.

Shipping Address Amendments
  •  Change shipping address is unavailable once your order is received. Please cancel your order first and place a new order.
  •  Cancellations may only be requested at the status before “Ready to delivery” and requests may be made at the [My page > Order details > Order cancel]
  •  Please be mindful that cancellation is not possible once the shipping process has begun. From the stage of ‘Ready to Delivery’, order should be processed by return process after product receiving.